Get on outta here…

As you can probably see, I haven’t posted on here in well, for.ever! With the wedding planning, the actual wedding, honeymoon and then expecting our first baby, blog got the back burner.

But!! I’m back!! Just not on here. I have made whole new site/blog in one. You can follow me, check out what is new, say ‘Hey’ etc over there…

See ya there!!

Baby – J

This lil’ guy did NOT want to sleep for me last time. I was hoping that this session would go smoother and it totally did! Lil J was the happiest lil’ guy ever. I was also very happy to see that he didn’t loose any length on those lovely lashes of his! Can’t wait to see how big he is at 6 mths!


This guy is definitely going far in his life. He is so kind, not only to me, who was a complete stranger but the love he has for his two little sisters is just unbelievable. They absolutely adore him. He soaks up 100% of that love. although I didn’t get to see him actually play hockey, I can only imagine how great he is at that as well. I am sure he will accomplish all of his dreams because he knows he can! Congrats on your senior year Tommy!

Baby J – on her way!

Mama K and I used to work at Victoria’s Secret together. I am so happy that I still very close to some of the girls I met there. They are not only the sweetest but I love having them as clients. Gives us time to catch up! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier for Mama K and Dad M and as I type this, I am editing baby J’s newborn photos…to die for!

A year ago

This lil’ family was only two, but now three. Just the cutest family that could ever be.

When mama J contacted me about doing their photos she had a specific look in mind. A type of session I don’t normally do, but I was up for the challenge. She wanted, whimsy, sun flare. To top it all off, she wanted to wear her wedding dress. I was all IN! So glad I did because I am IN LOVE with this session. You can see the joy on baby A’s face. The love between these two is very clear. I was happy to capture that for them and hope they love them as much as I do 🙂

Bride Diaries

I am a blog fanatic, stalker if you will lol It only seems fitting that now that I am planning my own wedding, my blog list has doubled! I feel like since I have a little bit more background or behind the scenes view on weddings, I may already know more than the normal bride. I am here to pass on my ideas and my finds to other brides. My last post was about enjoying wedding planning. These blogs and helpful hints will only help that process of enjoying, I can hope!

You know how it’s always so dramatic when you have single people at the wedding? Well now it seems that more and more people are refusing to ‘admit’ they are single at a wedding. I.e. the garter and bouquet toss. Here is a link to a post I found about how to get your guests more involved. How to make them ‘want’ to catch that garter 😉


Want to put the dread of addressing your wedding invites behind you? Why not get a custom stamp? This is a great purchase because it can be used for your return address on your invite, your response card, thank you cards and even all of the parties in between!



Changing your last name. I on one hand cannot wait to take my man’s last name. But like many other brides I assume that you have heard horror stories about how long it takes, how much paper work it is when your husband has to do nothing?! Sure that may be frustrating for some, to even the point that they don’t end up changing it. Well…




Want to remember your wedding? Don’t want to bug one family member to record the whole thing and don’t want to pay as much as you did your photographer for a videographer? bingo!


If you’re a DIY bride much like myself, you can find fun things that are FREE to print out and use for your wedding. Check out the obvious sites such as etsy and pinterest for links. A great find for me was this…


Honeymoon? hands down this is the way to go. I cannot thank the people who told me about this enough!


Make it your own, on your own




Personally the things that I have lived and learned not to skimp on are flowers and your photographer. I know you are thinking, flowers? really they are so expensive and just DIE! Yes, you’re correct. But you need to think that flowers do SO much for your day. They are a major part of your decoration and how your wedding ‘looks’ and the ‘feel’ of your day. This brings me to shopping around. Everyone is in a business, everyone wants your business. Throw some words and numbers around and I guarantee you will get some kind of discount. You really want this wedding dress but it is out of your budget? Ask if they will lower, the worst they can say is no. Then you walk out the door and they lost a sale!

Lastly, buy things at the thrift store, do your research (you can never be too informed) ask for help, ask for advice (it isn’t called ‘social networking’ for nothing) and if you are even a lil’ crafty…make your own. I cannot tell you how much I saved by making some of my own things! 🙂